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Welcome Booklet

The welcome booklet from the DESY International Office contains tips and useful information for visitors from abroad

Welcome Services
The DESY Guest Services department is situated in building 6 and is divided into three sections: International Office, Hostel Office and Housing Service.
More information including opening hours and forms are available on our website:

Welfare advice

The in-house welfare advice service is for all employees and their dependants who need information, advice and support
Ramona Matthes, Geb.01a, GF 111, 040 8998 4435, mediator/addiction adviser
For more information, visit our homepage:

Work Council

For information about the work of the Hamburg works council, the committees, their members and latest information. Information on the Zeuthen council and the general works council can also be found on the website.

Work-related travel

Contacts for and information from the DESY travel office
Travel application forms can be obtained from V2

Workplace suggestion scheme

As well as helping DESY cut costs, streamline or simplify working practices and improving safety and environmental protection, your suggestions for workplace improvement could win you a prize. For help in drafting your suggestion, or if you have any questions about the scheme, Workplace Suggestion Scheme