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Parent-Child Office
The Parent-Child workspace is available for expectant and breastfeeding mothers and can also be used as a temporary workspace for those occasions when no alternative childcare is available. The room needs to be booked via seminar room administration, and the key can be obtained from the main entrance on Notkestrasse.

To work as closely as possible with DESY, more and more institutions are establishing outstations on the campus itself. Click here to get an overview of DESY partnerships.

Personnel Development - Education
The personnel development supports all employees at DESY in their professional and personal development in order to develop their talents. More information and contacts are available on the website.

PhD students

The PIER graduate school and the Helmholtz Weizmann Research School graduate school offering their doctoral candidates a wide range of internationally focused support activities and attractive services

If entries or changes are to be made in the DESY phone book send a mail to

For your work-based photography requirements, PR provides a photographic service. Contact for more details.

Post Office

DESY has its own Post Office in Building 6. Please, find all information about services on the website.

Press releases

The press and communications group (PR) is the central department for communication at DESY.
Press releases are available on the Website.


DESY's in-house printing and copying service can be contacted at

Procurement at DESY is managed by the electronic ordering, information and services system known as e.biss, which can be used to order items from centralised stocks, stocks of semi-finished goods and items available from our suppliers. All other goods and services can be obtained using free-text ordering. For questions regarding e.biss and to configure your web browser to use it, contact e.biss or call the V4 hotline:

+49 (0)40 8998 -5050 ( ).

For more Information about quotes, goods and services, contact the staff of V4, Purchasing and Materials.

For questions regarding accounting, item categories and usage purpose contact V3, finance department.

To set up access and password for SAP and e.biss, contact V6, Informationsystems. .

The DESY internal Purchasing and Materials department is responsible for all issues relating to tenders, stock management, movement of goods and customs processing. E.BISS , the electronic ordering system guides you through your purchasing process. (see also the entry for e.biss).