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SAP is managed by the VDV team. Applications forms etc. can be found on the group website .

Science Committee

The Science Committee represents DESY's science staff. More information available here.


The Purchasing and Materials department will be happy to advise you on selling your old equipment and other items

Seminar rooms

For an overview of DESY's seminar rooms or to reserve them for your event, contact seminar room booking in V1.

Service addresses

For centralised DESY HH services, there are a number of general email addresses via which you can contact the relevant department. For an overview click here.


For internal transportation of goods, contact transport group BAU 12. . All other transport, despatch and customs matters are managed by the V4 Purchasing and Materials department für Sie.

Sozialeinrichtung DESY e.V.

Sozialeinrichtung DESY is a self-help organisation run by and for DESYaners, providing financial support for those in need due to circumstances beyond their control. For more information, visit their web page .

StadtRAD (red public bikes)

The eyecatching red StadtRAD loan bikes can be found at the docking station next to Bldg. 6. Register online prior to use.
Users of the rail network's Call-a-Bike scheme can also use the StadtRAD scheme. The bikes must be returned to a docking point. Docking points near to DESY can be found at the Elbe shopping centre, Othmarschen station and the Altona hospital. For more information, visit the website. .

Staff search

The best way to contact colleagues is via the DESY phone directory.
If you are looking for someone in the administration department with whom you can discuss specific issues, see also the organigram.

Start-Up service

The DESY Start-up Office advises and supports research centre employees who have a business start-up idea. From proposal appraisal to business planning and pre-launch preparation, the service provides a range of start-up advice


The DESY start-ups office offers advice for research centre employees who are interested in setting up a company, from proposal assessment to working up a business plan to pre-launch planning.

Stock updates

To have a specific item included in DESY stock, submit your request to the V4 Purchasing and Materials department.