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Campus Map (GIS FMS)

The central premises and building information system (GIS FMS) will help with any queries regarding the Bahrenfeld Campus.

Car badges
You need an access permission to drive on the DESY Campus.
Visit the Servicepoint at V1 to register the licence number of your Car in buildung 6, Room 110.
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00-4:00 pm , Friday afternoon only until 2:00 pm

For entry-level jobs and career development, DESY offers excellent employment opportunities for a variety of professions. Vacancies are available online.

In the DESY Canteen in Buildung 9 AlsterFood is offering lunch meals, cookies and coffee at the Cafeteria and Conference-Catering as well.

Central stores
The department V4 Purchasing and Materials stock has frequently used items onsite. Those can be ordered by the electronic ordering system, e.biss .

Change of contact details

Changes to your personal contact details could be submitted to your dedicated V2 HR adviser.

Cleaning services
For queries, notification and requests on cleaning services contact V1 V1 team via the V1 communications office .

Company doctor
Good health is based on physical, mental and social wellbeing. Our work in the company doctor service focuses on all three of these pillars. Our aim is to make sure DESY staff stay healthy. More details at our website : Website .

Company sports
DESY's company sports society (BSG-DESY) , founded in 1965, is offering all staff and their guests the opportunity to take part in various sporting activities.

Construction (building)
The BAU department in the administrative division is responsible for general construction issues, .
The maintenance of DESY campus buildings, the construction office and underground and aboveground construction projects..
Initial enquiries should be directed to the central communications office of the BAU department on 3270/5351.

Copies and Printings
The Copy and Print Service is availble in Bldg. 06 ground floor, R. 014, tel. 3383 V1- Facilitymanagement

Corporate branding

Our corporate branding is designed to promote DESY's image as an internationally renowned research institute. For the use of our corporate branding, there are various letterheads and business cards available along with templates for the creation of science posters and PowerPoint presentations.

Custom Matters
All about custom matters are dealt by the experts at V4 Purchasing and Materials department