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German lessons

DESY offers German and English language classes.
There are four categories according to ability (A1, A2, B1, B2).
These categories are set in accordance with the Common European
Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF):
A - elementary language ability (A1 and A2), B - independent language ability (B1 and B2).
For more information visit the DESY education and training website(password required)

Good scientific practice

For more information on good scientific practice at DESY, and the processes that are in place to deal with scientific misconduct, visit the website of the Science Committee.

Graduate School

The PIER Helmholtz Graduate School helps young researchers complete their doctoral work in four research fields. Students are mentored by a network of top researchers. Supported by the Helmholtz community, PIER arranges regular placements in research institutes abroad and helps PhD students to build networks with potential employers in commerce and industry.

Guest accommodation

The DESY guesthouses are located on the DESY campus and are not open to the general public. Access is restricted to people working with or for DESY
DESY Hostel Hamburg
DESY Hostel Zeuthen


Head office regulations and guidelines can be found here .