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DACHS (DESY Access Handling System) CARDS

DACHS Cards DACHS Cards office are required for access to specially secured areas, labs, control rooms and beamlines. To obtain a DACHS card, contact V1:
Bldg. 06, R. 110
Outside of office hours, DACHS cards can also be obtained from the porter at the main entrance Notkestrasse 85.

DESY Choir

The DESY choir meets every Thursday 6pm-7:45pm in the canteen building or in the auditorium in Bldg. 6. New members are always welcome
- Sylvie Faverot-Spengler, tel. +49 40 8998 2429,

DESY mission statement
DESY has committed itself to fundamental research into the structure and functioning of matter, preparing the knowledge base necessary for the world of tomorrow. The research centre is thus making a unique and important contribution to the development of our society’s future. This mandate is included in DESY’s mission

Data Protection
Find information about the statutory data protection principles on the webiste of D4 : The DESY data protection officer

Decommissioned equipment
The recycling and disposal of used and defective equipment and furniture is managed by the V4 Purchasing and Materials Department (+49 (0)40 8998 1928).

The recycling and disposal of IT equipment is managed by the IT department. Just contact colleagues from the User Administration


All deliveries for DESY should be mad to the central goods reception point (in V4) where they will be checked for completeness. The BAU 12 transport group will the deliver your goods direct to your office or lab.


For internal transportation of goods, contact transport group BAU 12. All other transport, despatch and customs matters are managed by the V4 Purchasing and Materials department