Our Role

Our task is to be a strong and reliable partner to DESY, helping it to provide cutting-edge scientific services to world-renowned research facilities. We provide commercial, administrative and infrastructure services to meet DESY's requirements. In so doing, we help underpin the complex operations of an international interdisciplinary research institute. We react flexibly and quickly to organisational changes and help make administrative processes more efficient. In so doing, we are responding to the demands of a research institute that is constantly evolving, thereby helping it to enhance its stellar international reputation.


Our skills

Our core skills are reflected in the Administration department's design and structure. Nine specialist divisions, four teams and six independent executive officers are in charge of commercial management. The overview of the Administration department will show you which colleagues are responsible for which issues. The central Administration units are based at the DESY campus in Hamburg. In order to properly service the Zeuthen site as well, colleagues on-site there provide support for the HR, finance and purchasing functions. They work closely with Hamburg and are an integral part of Administration.