DHL package station


A DHL package station is available at DESY for sending and receiving private packages.

The number of the station is 801. Location: next to bld. 11b, ex DESY-gas station

The package station may not be used for business purposes. For business purposes, please contact the post office or the DESY acceptance of goods.

Using the DESY-DHL package station

This is not a public package station. Therefore your will not able to find it in the ,,Postfinder'', the Online search for post offices and package stations.

Receiving DHL-packages with registration:

To use the package station as an alternative address, you need to indicate the postcode 22607 and the package station number 801. You can register for free via

Sending DHL-Papackages also possible without registration:

Sending DHL-Papackages is also possible without registration, you can buy a package stamp online and scan it at the package station.
Please find detailed information on the following websites (also in English)

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