Security and access


Gatekeeper and security services in Hamburg are organised by V1.

The Bahrenfeld campus is an open campus, which means it can be accessed by anyone.

The access points are the main entrance on Notkestrasse (open 24/7) and the secondary entrance on Luruper Chaussee (open 6am-7pm).

To access the campus with a vehicle you must be in possession of a vehicle permit, which can be obtained from Rm. 110, Bldg. 6. For directions, ask one of the gatekeepers.

Upon leaving the premises in your vehicle, you may be subject to random inspection. Pedestrians and cyclists may also be stopped and checked.

For the purposes of inspection, the exits are fitted with vehicle and individual selection equipment. As soon as the appropriate signal is issued, the inspection is carried out.

Any additional requests for one-off special deployment should be submitted to V1 in advance.



Wolfgang Parys
T. +49 (0) 40 8998 3382
Deputy +49 (0) 40 8998 1525