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Receipt of goods

The central goods depot at V4 takes receipt of all deliveries addressed to DESY and checks them for completeness. Transport group BAU 12 will then send your delivery direct to your office or lab.

Representation of Women

Gender equality means tackling obstacles that disproportionately affect women. Gender equality is the responsibility of everyone, regardless of gender, and at all levels of the company. The aim is to recognise and use the potential of both women and men equally. For more information, see the webpage for the gender equality officer and women's representation

Research Information and Brochures

Current DESY research information can be found in the DESY research brochures provided by the press and communication department PR.

Research development

Looking for the right contact person for your grant application?
For EU funding, contact DESY's EU project office.
For HGF funding, contact DESY's office for programme-oriented funding